5th Grade Girls

5th Grade Girl's Tryout Results

THE PREDATORS CLUB was established to give dedicated players a chance to sharpen their basketball skills and an opportunity to compete at a higher level. Below are the player selections for our 5th Grade Girls team. The team personnel decisions were based on skill, effort, attitude, and position.

Denver Anderson

Charlotte Beatty

Hannah Cleveland

Alyse Day

Chloe Froebe

Marissa Gant

Ellie Gegen

Karley Hawkins

Becca Heitzig

Zoe Laird

Coach Froebe will be contacting players and guardians regarding the first practice/team meeting. At this first meeting, players will be fitted for uniforms and will need to bring non-refundable club fee of $250 in the form of check or money order, made payable to THE GYM of Springfield, 1823 Camp Lincoln Road, Springfield, IL 62707. Once a summer schedule is finalized, there will be an additional balance due; we expect that to be $100-150. Also, a copy of the players’ birth certificate and report card will need to be provided.

Our hope is to be able to field a second team. Hopefully we can accomplish this; however, we will need a volunteer to step forward and coach. If we get a volunteer, I will contact the players that attended tryout to see if they would like to participate on this second team. From there, if we don’t get enough players, we will try to recruit players to complete a roster. FYI, the coach determines a teams playing schedule, I say that so if anyone is interested in volunteering, they know they can work around conflicts. If anyone is interested in coaching this second team, please email me at stevek@thegym-il.com or kfroebe3@yahoo.com.

It was nice to see so much talent show up to tryouts, the competition was excellent and the selection of teams was extremely tough to make.