5th Grade Girls




The Central Illinois Predators will be holding basketball tryouts for their Girls’ 5th Grade Club Team at 10:00 – Noon on Saturday September 13 at THE GYM of Springfield. All 5th grade girls are invited to tryout. Depending on the skill level and the number of players who tryout, we may have a second Predators team this year.

The Predators are looking for players who are dedicated to the sport, want to sharpen their skills, and want to compete against the best players at their age level. Tracy Scales will be the coach for the upcoming season.

The Central Illinois Predators is a competitive club basketball program offered at THE GYM of Springfield. The club was established to fill a need in the Central Illinois area for talented girls and boys who want to play at the most competitive levels of basketball. It is our goal to compete with other teams vying for State, Regional and National titles. The team will compete in approximately six tournaments throughout the state and Midwest. Each player who makes the team is expected to commit through the summer.

Tryout fee is $20.00 per person. The registration form is available on-line at www.predatorsbball.com, or at THE GYM of Springfield 1823 Camp Lincoln Rd. Springfield, IL 62704. Registration form and fee are due prior to or at tryouts. For questions call Tracy at 217-414-1425 or email her at tscales24@gmail.com.

Players making the team are expected to play on their 5th grade school team in addition the Club Team, if there school has one. Club fees will be approximately $500 for the year. Actual fees will depend on the number of players on the team and the number of tournaments entered. Hotel and travel accommodations are the responsibility of the individual not the club.

All fees are non-refundable and will not be prorated. Club fees cover coaching, practice facilities, two sets of uniforms (excluding shoes), team equipment, and tournament costs. Hotel and travel accommodations are the responsibility of the individual not the club.